Meet Your New Favorite Band.

Since 2004, Thee Emergency has delivered three soul-saving albums of top-volume, deep n' dirty garage rock, firing up Seattle's music scene in the post-grunge era.

Lead singer Dita Vox and guitarist Matt “Sonic” Smith fuel the group’s motor and are the quintessential onstage duo drenched in sweat and swagger. Rhythm and beats are provided by Tom T. Drummer while A.D.M.'s got all the right bass lines to get you moving to the high-powered heavy soul rock n' roll music that never ends!

Thee Emergency Amplified Doc from John Jeffcoat on Vimeo.

Shot, directed and Edited by John Jeffcoat for MTV's $5 Cover Seattle.
Additional photography by Matteo Bava

What Is That? Some Sorta Cracka Slang?!?!

The 3rd album by Seattle's fiery garage rockers is now available at Hooked on Wax on limited-edition yellow LP. Tell us what you think of our new tunes. We'd love to see your comments!

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Stay tuned for details ...

As of autumn 2012, Thee Emergency is recording their fourth full-length album, "Uptown" -- a musical inferno blending disco, funk and soul music influences.

Featuring original tracks like "Child Star" and "ADM Soul Bot", this is one bogey woogey wonder you're gonna want to listen to on repeat. More info from Dita, Tom, Matt and A.D.M. is on the way!
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Dita’s a wild child, a bit vulgar and vivacious— she curses like a sailor and will challenge anyone to a spitting contest. she has all the qualities that your mother tried to train you out of.
Thee Emergency's first full length album, Can You Dig It? (2006) was produced by acclaimed Detroit producer Jim Diamond (The Dirtbombs, The Mooney Suzuki, The White Stripes). Ever the rebels, Thee Emergency took their second full length release into their own heads. SOLID (2008) soon became an instant classic including tracks like "Call 911", a breakneck call to the dance floor.
Who else opens -- opens -- a song with a minute-and-a-half drum solo? No navel-gazing here, folks, just a whole lotta hip-shaking. When Dita Vox (vocals), Matt "Sonic" Smith (guitar), Nick Detroit (bass) and Tom T. Drummer (drums) bring their build-and-release energy explosion to the club stage, even the iciest scenesters have trouble maintaining their too-cool-to-rock stances. But don't misjudge the band a one-trick pony. In the summer of 2008 and with the help of long time friend and fellow crazy heart Phillip Peterson, Thee Emergency were able to craft an album that is both silver and gold, high and low, country and psychedelic.